Will the right kind of practice catapult me to become one of the best in the world? Or will I linger as a mediocre player because I lack the natural talent it takes?

My name is Maca and I am trying to become one of the Top 100 Super Smash Bros Melee (Melee for short) players in the world by 2022. A list notoriously difficult to get on.

The Goal

Each year a committee of Tournament Organisers, Top Players and Community Figureheads vote to create the MIOM Top 100 rankings.

This ranking identifies the best 100 players of the previous year based off tournament performance and overall skill level.

While tens of thousands of people play Melee competitively only 100 are recognized each year.

To get myself ranked I’ll need to be in the top 1% of players globally.

That is my goal.

My Skillset

I don’t have a natural talent for this game or for video games in general.

I was never good at finishing games quickly or reaching 100% like my friends and even today, tech skill that might take some people (like my friend Thriles) 1 hour to learn will take me hours upon hours of practice.

In fact I never really excelled in anything as a kid. I was decent at a lot of things but never great at any one thing.

My Plan

I believe that if I do enough of the right type of practice (deliberate/purposeful practice) then even without amazing talent I can become one of the best players in the world.

I will be documenting my practice as well as my tournament results, ELO scores and state and national rankings in the quest to prove that someone with average talent can become great with enough hard work.

To follow my journey click on one of the links below


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